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A number of technological advances have swept through the orthotics and prosthetics field in recent years and include the following:

  • Flexfoot Runner

  • Hydraulic knee -- a piston-like decive that helps amputees walk naturally

  • Microprocessor Controlled Knees  

  • Myoelectrics -- uses electrical signals from either a person's muscles or from an external device to control a prosthesis.  Even small children have mastered the us of electronic arms and hands, enabling them to grip and grasp objects.

  • Energy Storing Foot -- a "foot" that stores energy when the heel hits the ground and releases it when the wearer pushes off from the toe of the foot.  It allows an amputee to walk and run more comfortably and efficiently.

  • Special Devices and Adaptors -- for activities such as skiing, golf, ice skating and running.

  • Lightweight materials -- new graphite materials and plastics have greatly reduced the weight of prostheses, therefor less energy is used in walking or running.  In fact, these new materials allow elite prosthesis users to run within seconds of able-bodied athletes' world records.

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