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Diabetic Shoes

What Are Diabetic Shoes?
It may be a curious thought that there is a type of footwear called diabetic shoes. It is very common for people with diabetes to experience issues with their feet.  Shoes for diabetics are designed for people who are currently suffering from diabetes which is accompanied with some feet issues. Diabetic shoes differ from normal shoes in design because they are known to be “extra depth”. They are also known to be therapeutic shoes. However, footwear and accessories for diabetics are not limited to actual shoes—they can also be specially designed shoe inserts one can use with regular shoes.

Why Diabetic Shoes?
Diabetic shoes not only provide more comfort for the patient wearing them, but also have a clinical purpose as well. Diabetic shoes are designed specifically to help diabetics avoid issues such as skin breakdown, especially if a person is currently suffering from a foot disease. Some people may be lulled into a sense of complacency that their feet are fine and free from risk, but the truth is that there is a high possibility for them to experience conditions that can manifest in as little as a few hours (such as a skin ulcer on the bottom of the feet might develop under a few hours if the feet are under constant pressure and friction). If a diabetic person (or a person with poor blood circulation) does not take particular care of their feet, there may even be a risk of amputation should further complications arise. Diabetic shoes can help to prevent these issues and aid in keeping the risk of bigger feet issues low in persons with diabetes and persons who have poor blood circulation. For example, it lowers the strain on the feet and keeps the possibility of developing calluses and ulcers lowered. The pressure and friction on the feet caused by daily movement becomes lowered and lessened.

Where to buy diabetic shoes?
Diabetic shoes are specialized and cannot be bought in just any shoe store. They must be custom made. Therefore, it is very important that one seeks help from a qualified professional, also known as a pedorthist. First of all, shoes for diabetics must be prescribed by a doctor.  The doctor can be either a podiatrist or the practitioner that is caring for a persons diabetes. Next, an evaluation from someone specializing in shoe orthotics, or a pedorthist, is scheduled.  The members of our team are certified to be working with diabetic patients concerning their shoes.  When getting diabetic shoes, there are a few things to remember. It must be specially designed and fitted to the individual, which means that there are strict guidelines that must be followed. Diabetic shoes should come equipped with orthotics that can be removable. Foot orthotics are removable accessories or devices like arch supports, shoe inserts and even shoe fillers (wedges, heels, and lifts). The diabetic shoes and all its inserts and devices must be custom-made and molded to fit the person who will be wearing the shoes. This is so that the shoes will work in order to prevent any sort of foot injuries as well as to improve the person’s mobility.

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